Rent a car terms

Car rental conditions

We are giving you F.A.Q. about rent a car services in Jubilee j.d.o.o. You should also read Lease contract, which should be accepted in order to book a vehicle.


What do you need to rent a car from our company?

a) Driver’s licence
b) Credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Diners, American) to make a franchise deposit of 3500 Kunas or 500 Euros.

The client can decide to have a second driver, but the Jubilee j.d.o.o. Company must be informed of this by the time of signing the Lease Contract.

We need to have the number of the second driver’s driver licence and also his personal data, residence address, etc.
Our Company doesn’t charge for the extra driver..


Make a reservation of your favourite car!
Contact us by Cell phone +385 91 727 3199
by e-mail
or visit us in person at Jubilee j.d.o.o. at Obala Lazareta 3, 21 000 Split, Croatia.

A car reservation fee is 400 Kunas or 58 Euros. The reservation fee paid is included in the price of your rental. We give provide you with a reservation confirmation, stating the place, date and time of the pick-up and drop-off.

If you wish to make a reservation of a scooter, the procedure is the same, except that the fee is 200 Kunas or 29 Euros.

In case of a last minute cancellation of the rental, we are not required to give back the reservation fee..

Pick up and drop off of the car you rent

We also provide taking and returning the hired car in various places, cities, and other destinations that suit you the best. Give us your address and your car will be delivered anywhere you want. You may return the car at your airport, in front of your hotel, etc. All this is available to you if you simply contact with us in any way.


Seasonal, winter tires during the cold season, summer tires during the warm season

Charges and ways of payment

The rental will be charged at the moment of signing the contract and taking the car. We also preauthorise your credit card in the amount of your franchise which is stated in the Lease Contract and serves us as safety deposit in case of a damage. If the client wishes so, he/she can buy the insurance off, as it is also stated in the Lease Contract.
After charging our clients, they the contract signed by both sides, the client and Jubilee j.d.o.o. Rent a Car, that makes the receipt of the rental payment and a legal document.
We accept all credit cards and cash.


All cars and scooters are insured as well as passengers (renters) – see the Lease Contract Agreement

Damage charges

See terms of Lease contract

Free services

We offer various discounts and free services when it comes to rentals during more than one day, such as:

  • discounts in various hotels, B&Bs, self-catered apartments
  • restaurants
  • a free cell phone during the car hire, enabling you easily to contact your destination hotel, B&B, or even your friends and family, or us.
  • free GPRS
  • free BABY SEAT
  • unlimited mileage
  • current clients – We offer numerous discounts, in and off season
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